Broadcasting from Space: Satellite Communication Equipment from San Francisco


In Extra-terrestrial Relays article published in October issue of Wireless World magazine English scientist, writer and inventor Arthur Clark came out with idea of creating satellite communication system on stationary Earth orbits, that will allow organizing global communication network.

Later answering the question why did not he patent his invention (which was quite possible), Clark said that he did not believe that implementing this system is possible during his life, and believed that this idea had to benefit to humanity in whole.

The first researches in civil satellite communication on the West took part in the second half of the 1950s. Increased need of transatlantic telephone communication promoted commencement the researches in US.

The first artificial satellite with radio equipment on board was launched in 1957 in the USSR.

In 1960 the American specialists launched inflatable bowl on the Earth orbit with 1,500 km height. This space apparatus is called Echo-1. Its metallic body with 30m diameter performs passive relay function.

On the 20 August, 1964 11 countries entered into agreement for creation of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (Intelsat), USSR did not become its member for political reasons. The first space commercial satellite Early Bird (made by COMSAT)was launched on 6 April 1965 within the framework of this program.

Nowadays one can never deny importance of satellite communication which is becoming unavoidable in our everyday life. In the end of February Delivery World shipped lot of satellite equipment from San Francisco . The customer entrusted carriage of this technically complex cargo to our company due to its solid years proved name in carrying goods of any complicity.

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