Eastern Fashion: Apparel from Colombo by Airfreight


Sri Lanka is known as one of the world’s most renowned fashion sourcing locations, with a wide range of global brands are regularly buying from the island’s apparel manufacturers. This well‑established global reputation has been built upon the strong fundamentals of the industry. In particular, these include high‑quality product standards in the midst of a fast maturing apparel sector, as well as an established business culture that embraces social responsibility and environmental protection.

The apparel manufacturing sector has been a pillar industry of Sri Lanka for more than 20 years, despite the civil war which ended in 2009. This export‑oriented industry is the highest foreign exchange earner in the country, accounting for more than 40% of its total export value. According to the Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association, Sri Lanka’s apparel exports rise annually by high single‑digits. The European Union (EU) and the US are the top two markets for Sri Lanka’s apparel products, accounting for close to 90% of the total.

In the middle of May Delivery World shipped lot of readymade garments from Colombo. Even though it may seem the easiest delivery to handle, it still requires careful handling and utmost care of details; moist may damage the fabric or materials may be damaged by sharp ends or items around. Years of Delivery World’s expertise in cargo delivery across the world are the best guarantee that even the smallest details are carefully followed and any cargo will always safely reach its destination.

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