Delivery World’s representatives visited new cargo-terminal of Qatar airport by invitation of Qatar Airways


Qatar, March, 11. The representatives of Delivery World by invitation of Qatar Airways visited new cargo-terminal of Qatar Hamad International Airport. The terminal will be officially launched on 8th of April, 2013, and now there is a period of final measures before the launch. However, Qatar Airways the management company of the airport organized the pre-launch visiting of new cargo complex for the strategic partners among which is our company. For the representatives of our company and other guests there were arranged an introduction tour around the new terminal where were demonstrated all working zones – from warehouses to veterinary clinic for live animals as a cargo.

The airport of Doha, the capital of Qatar kingdom, is considered to be the prospective international hub in the field of passenger and freight transporting by air on the routes across the Gulf and the countries of Middle East. As Akbar al-Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group and Hamad International Airport, “the new complex will handle 1.5 mn tonnes of freight a year which is tripling its capacity. We are focusing heavily on our handling quality, investing in our resources across the entire quality chain …facility, manpower, equipment, IT and robust processes”.

While touring along the new cargo-terminal our delegation estimated the scale and future capacity of the complex, its modern infrastructure and the prospects of freight transit from such regions as Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines etc. where one or two transit points are usual on the route. Facilities, speed and quality of service in new cargo-terminal of Qatar airport will allow us to offer to our customers the best service of air freight forwarding from these regions with the adequate prices.

We bring to your notice the photo report of the excursion:

IMG-20130311-00786_i.jpg IMG-20130311-00792_i.jpg

IMG-20130311-00793_i.jpg IMG-20130311-00795_i.jpg

IMG-20130311-00803_i.jpg IMG-20130311-00797_i.jpg 

IMG-20130311-00800_i.jpg IMG-20130311-00798_i.jpg

Several facts about new cargo-terminal of Hamad International Airport:

Backtail Company designed the building
Project value – $1 bln
Warehouse contains 5800 cages in total.
Total area is 290,000 sq m.
The freight traffic flow consists of transit cargoes (65%), import (34,90%) and export (0,1%)
Staff: Over 80 technical specialists work in terminal in 3 shifts 24 hours per day.
Special facilities: special block for handling  live animals – pets, farm live-stock etc., including modern veterinary clinic with surgery and day-and0night clinic.

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