Sunny Freight: Airfreight from Exotic Destinations


Shorter daylight hours, gloomy weather, everyday cloudy sky, rains, first snow, lack of sun… this is what late fall is like in large part of the Globe. This affects the mood and makes one remember summer so fast. No doubt most of us feel bitter nostalgy about summer that passed by so fast, and start to remember vacations spent on sea shore often in exotic destinations where every slice of a fruit, sip of coffee or bite of chocolate carries some sunshine.

And here again, Delivery World is at your service. Our nearly global presence, continuously expanding agent network, exceptional expertise, experience and knowledge allow us to move late fall clouds aside and deliver even sunshine and sea breeze from most remote exotic location.

In the very end of November Delivery World shipped the world’s tastiest chocolate from Madagascar, perfect coffee from Ecuador and Costa Rica, and cosmetics made with pure coconut oil from Hawaii.

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