Matrimonio Italiano: Wedding Dresses from Milano by Airfreight


Traditions are nearly everything when it comes to Italy, and here are those that come alone with wedding:

In Italy the bride-to-be wears something green to bed to bring good fortune to the marriage.

Italian bride also needs to wear something that was given as a gift. It’s also important that the bride doesn’t wear any gold on her Big Day other than her wedding band.

Bride and groom should to cut a log in two using a double-handed saw. While this might seem a little like hard labor, it is done to symbolize that marriage is a partnership. Alternatively, some newlyweds will tie a ribbon in front of the church, therefore “tying the knot.”

In some parts of northern Italy, the groom’s tie is cut into several pieces by the best man and is then offered up for sale to the guests.

Those are only few of them that make Italian wedding different from others. In the beginning of October Delivery World shipped lot of Italian wedding dresses from Milano, the customer is finalizing customs procedures, and shortly they will be available for sale in outlets in destination.

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