Full Focus: Delivering Photographic Equipment from Philippines


Amateur photography is one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. Such words like selfie (self photo) and Instagram (social network used by the users to exchange photos) got rooted to our language during the last couple of years. Today photography is one of the most common and of the easiest ways to express one self, regardless of professional photography skills.

The first photography methods that first appeared in 19th century dramatically changed the views of humanity on themselves and on the world in general. Suddenly it became possible to stop and to save the moment and to imprint the person in every detail just in one click. The first photo cameras were massive, and the whole process was rather complicated. The equipment advanced through the years and now the latest smart phones have inbuilt cameras that can nearly compete to professional photo-cameras.

Photography is everywhere today. It is type of art, way to document events both on the global scale and events from one's live. Every event of importance – birthdays, weddings, business meetings – will need a photographer, and here one cannot avoid using professional equipment that will provide support where camera is not enough.

Equipment as photo lightening, reflectors, tripods, stabilizing devices, various filters and blends for the objectives help to make the best shoots with any lights and under conditions. Studio shooting equipment requires special attention. Lamps with different temperature of light, soft boxes and backgrounds are the main aids of the studio photographer.

In December airfreight forwarding company Delivery World delivered photo equipment from Manila, the capital of Philippines, to Barcelona. Our company has been chosen as reliable and experienced forwarder, engaged on the Spain international cargo deliveries market for over 15 years. We performed the airfreight within the shortest time, so, that by end of this month photo equipment and accessories will be available for sale in Barcelona and in the other large Spain cities. 

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