The incense on a board: delivery by air of frankincense from Oman


Ladan.jpgIn the beginning of October, our company has finalized successfully the delivery from Oman of olibanum and other fragrances which are used in Christian church services. The customer was one of the temples of Warsaw which has been restored not long ago and now is ready to host the Christians under its roof.
In ancient times the frankincense was worth its weight in gold. Its production took much time and transportation demanded great efforts and precautions. Fortunately, the humanity stepped forward far away and updated production technologies and means of transportation since that time. Nowadays the valuable cargo was delivered promptly and arrived on time and safe.
For your information: The main producers of olibanum are located  in Yemen and Oman (Arab Peninsula), and also in Somalia (Africa) . The rare species of Boswellia trees, from which the frankincense is extracted, grow in these areas. Several medical investigations proved that some chemical compounds in frankincense smoke relieves depression and anxiety.
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