Money Loves to Be Count. Delivering Note Sorters from South Korea


Functioning of any enterprise by one way or another involves the work with moneys in one way or another. This work needs checking originality, counting and sorting large amounts of money. Various types of specialized equipment are made to ease this process. Utilization of such equipment increases effectiveness of work in times, and allows fighting fraud. For instance, to sort large amount of notes by its value, the note sorters exists.

Note sorter works based on scanning the visible image on the note. Specialized optical units allow establishing value of the note, and after that sort the currency in separate pockets. The sorters significantly reduce the time on processing paper currency in financial institutions. Yet usage of this equipment is reasonable not only in banks, but also in the places working with large amount of notes with different values regularly.

There are many models and manufacturers of the note sorters. The devices produced in South Korea are very popular in , as the Korean companies are among the leaders in production of finance equipment.

This month Delivery World, experienced forwarder on the international airfreight market, delivered lot of note sorters from Seoul (South Korea) . It was not the first time for Delivery World to ship this type of cargo, and once again we proved our high competence and expertise in airfreight.

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