Time to Change. Delivery World on the International Construction and Interior Exhibition MosBuild-2015


Spring is the time for renewals. It is for those wishing to refresh or to change the environment, MosBuild-2015 is opened. Delivery World was among hundreds of its participants.

MosBuild is the leading event in decor, interior, and construction. This year it was divided into dedicated sections displaying complete range of products, industrial technologies, developments, and services of the leading n and foreign companies manufacturing and supplying construction, finishing, and décor materials.

MosBuild-2015 was held in two-weeks format. Mosbuild Design and Décor Week was held from 31 March to 3 April, and MosBuild Construction and Architecture Week – from14 to 17 April. This year the business program of the exhibition included conferences, seminars, and round tables on the most vital problems and issues of the industry.

The framework of design and décor week included such dedicated sections as ceramics, sanitary equipment, wall-paper, lacquers and floor covers, decorative lights, and etc. During the very first week our representatives managed to conclude several contracts for airfreight of decorative textiles, furnishings, and interior décor pieces. During the second part of the exhibition, Delivery World negotiated with the leading n and European construction companies and set the timelines for airfreight of the light system, door locks, facade systems, and electrical units for county houses. Next month we will be already performing airfreight delivery of the goods that will be available in the construction and design shops of .

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