Delivery World on the Cargo Show MENA in Dubai


17 to 18 March Dubai World Trade Center hosted the Cargo Show MENA – logistics and transportation industry show on the Middle East and Northern Africa. 

MENA Cargo Show was held with participation of the high ranked state officials of the UAE. Apart of Delivery World experts, representatives of the international transportation and logistics companies, airports, airlines, and companies representing security systems, leasing services, information technologies, communication solution, warehousing services, and many others took part in the show.

The speakers of the show were the Minister of the Public Works of the UAE, the Minister of Equipment, Transportation and Logistics of Morocco, the Minister of Transportation of Jordan, and the representatives of the largest transportation and logistics companies of the region.

The two-days program of the show included exhibition, conferences, debates, discussions, round table, and new innovative forms of negotiations, that proved its efficiency.

This year the MENA Cargo Show participants mainly focused on construction of the rail way that will unite all GCC states from Kuwait to Oman. So-called single logistics, as the outcome of this large-scaled project, will present well-established communication between sea and air ports of the region. The MENA Cargo Show showed perfect presentation of this project, showing Suhar city (Oman) as the starting point for the whole railway system.

The framework of the MENA Cargo Show included the gala dinner. Bespoke and warm environment of the evening together with the best international experts of the transportation industry attending the event created the perfect ground for communication in non-formal environment, and establishing new business contacts.

The cargo industry on the Middle East is considered the most rapidly growing in the whole world, therefore it requires highly qualified transportation solutions and expert logistics. The MENA Cargo Show speakers more than once marked that today one has to give complete attention to the customer's needs.

Year to year Delivery World improves the quality of the services. On Cargo Show MENA our experts took part in the exhibition, business program, gala dinner, held several business meetings, and established cooperation perspectives with potential customers and partners.


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