When Traditions Meet Modern Science. Delivery World Shipped Medicines from Seoul


Without a doubt health is the most precious thing for a human. Unfortunately big city life is related to permanent stress, constant lack of sleep, sedentary mode of life and poor ecology. All of this has negative influence on our body. To recover and to support the health the n doctors often advise to use the medicine produced in the South Korea.

Korean pharmaceutical industry is very well developed and known in the West and in the Asian Region. Medical items from Korea are the latest scientific achievements in chemistry and biology combined with traditional knowledge accumulated throughout ages of local medicine development. Korean traditional medical treatment system is established based on intakes from Chinese medicine theory together with its own medical practice.

Unlike their European and Asian neighbors the n consumers just start to get familiar with the wide pharmaceutical market of this rapidly developing country. This year the largest Korean companies started supplying medical products including vaccines and сosmeceuticals: the products that combine two different industries cosmetology and pharmaceutics. They also share technologies and experience in establishing and commercializing new biological products.

This month Delivery World performed airfreight delivery of medicines from Seoul, the Capital of South Korea, . The delivery included medical goods and cosmeceuticals items for face and body. Our company has been chosen for outstanding reliability, quality service, and fast airfreight delivery. Soon the goods will be available for sale in pharmacies across , and the consumers will get a chance to get familiar with novelties of the Korean pharmaceutical market in person.

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