Middle East Makes Countries and Continents Closer: Attending MEACLEC 2014


9 to 10 April Abu Dhabi hosted Middle East Air Cargo and Logistics Exhibition & Conference 2014 (MEACLEC 2014) - the largest event in logistics industry on the Middle East. The participants had a chance to focus on the Middle East logistics services market, assess its dramatically growing importance on the world market, and to get acknowledged with the latest changes in this industry. The event sponsored by Etihad Airways gathered participants representing the leading airlines, airports, logistics and forwarding companies, warehousing complexes, trade association, and of financial and banking institutions from all over the world.

The representatives of Delivery World's Dubai Office took active part in this Conference as well. The first day of the Conference has been focused on all issues related to the development strategy of the existing airfreight industry on the Middle East including implementation of infrastructural solutions and regional cooperation expansion. Else the global experts discussed with the participants transportation of pharmaceutical products requiring strict temperature control. This time our representatives shared every detail of how they manage to comply with all conditions of pharmaceutical products carriage.

The discussion held on the second day of the Conference touched upon the issues of security in airfreight, considered prospective and possible chances on the cargo transportation market, and of the status of the electronic documents processing system (e-Freight) both globally and in particular on the Middle East. Delivery World's representatives directly took part in all issues discussed on this day, as our years-long experience in international airfreight allows us to look back to share gained knowledge and real examples.

Exhibition and Gala Dinner held within the framework of MEACLEC2014 provided the participants with opportunity to communicate with their partners, and to establish new business relationships.

Middle East Air Cargo and Logistics Exhibition & Conference is the utmost significant event for the Middle East states. This show gathers international airfreight experts under one roof, allows to assess existing situation on the global logistics market, and to make future forecasts, as well as to improve existing logistics services. Currently the volume of airfreight from the UAE is the largest among all the carriages performed by Delivery World. The visit on the Conference has great importance to our company, which allowed us to focus and to discuss the latest changes which took place in international airfreight industry, to strengthen existing partnership relations, and to establish new connections.

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