Clear Look: Delivering Keratometry Equipment from Seoul


Keratometry is special quite rare ophthalmology procedure. This study is aimed to detailed examination of refraction properties of keratoderma, this is general description of this ophthalmology device in whole. Ophthalmologists prefer routine examination methods such as ophthalmoscopy and tables. Keratometry reading can show pathological changes in keratoderma.

Keratoderma is the main deflecting part of the eye apple, and it is responsible for 70% of refraction of the vision device. The person with normal sight has evenly rounded keratoderma, but if it is too flat or unevenly bounded, the sharpness of the sight drops. The main advantage of keratometry its ability to define transistorized pathologies, that cannot be defined using common methods. Keratoderma topography provides detailed visual description of the shape and of the properties of keratoderma. This method provides ophthalmologist with very details of the vision system of the eye. Keratometry reading helps in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating various eye conditions. This data is used to prescribe lenses, and surgery planning including laser vision correction. Laser vision correction uses topographic keratoderma map together with other methods for precise definition of the size of removable keratoderma tissue.

In the beginning of July Delivery World shipped keratometry equipment from Seoul . The customer is completing customs procedure, and delivered equipment will be soon available in the best ophthalmology clinics of Moscow. 

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