Beauty with no Pain: Delivery World Delivers Jewelry


Airfreight of the jewelry is one of the services rendered by Delivery World.

The service becomes of the most demand prior to Valentine's Day and 8 of March. It is of no doubt, as none needs beautiful, unique and expensive jewelry delivered promptly as ladies do. During the last month the shipments of jewelry performed by our company increased up to three times a week.

This market development trends show constant growth of volume of jewelry volume to the countries being large importers. is one of this countries: the import of jewelry here was 7 times more than the export from 2007 to 2011. During the last years (2012-2013) volume of import increased by 7.9%. The studies say that the similar growth of jewelry import will remain in the coming years.

During the last decades the center for jewelry industry moved to Asia. Hong Kong is the largest supplier of the jewelry today. Many Hong Kong manufacturing companies are present on the market for several decades and managed to establish the enterprise allowing to produce variety of quality goods for competitive prices.

Mid of February Delivery World delivered several very large lots of jewelry for its regular customers from Hong Kong. Customs procedures were arranged by the customers on its own.

The items made of precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, which were delivered by our company, will touch the heart of any woman willing to underline her beauty with stylish and expensive accessory.

Utmost compliance with all requirements to jewelry transportation, perfectly arranged airfreight are Delivery World's guarantees for timely and well-set delivery of the jewelry to anywhere in and CIS. 

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