For Soul and Body. Jacuzzi by Airfreight from USA


Useful properties of Jacuzzi were known in Ancient Rome and Egypt. This procedure was sign of wealth. Ancient Greek doctors noted that hydro-therapy could heal the human from serious diseases. Later the scientists studied the impact of water supplied under pressure, and concluded that using Jacuzzi without doubt has positive impact on the human’s body. Nowadays Jacuzzi is available to consumers, still not affordable for everyone.

Modern lifestyle puts people under endless stress. By end of the working day tired and irritation are common conditions of many people. Jacuzzi help to get stress symptoms aside, relieve from tiredness, get power recharged, and rise mood.

Since cold started and winter got closer, the number of orders for Jacuzzi airfreight deliveries received by Delivery World has significantly increased. In the middle of October we delivered Jacuzzi from Dallas (USA) . The cargo classified as fragile required special careful handling, and was delivered in full safety and security within the timelines set by the customer. Soon we will deliver several lots of Jacuzzi from USA and Italy to St. Petersburg, Vladivostok (), Astana (Kazakhstan) and Minsk (Belo).

Delivery World is the international freight forwarder specializing in international airfreight of cargos from anywhere in the world and CIS. We deliver any types of cargos: fragile, dangerous (hazardous), expiring, valuable and many others, and guarantee our customers high quality, speedy and reasonably priced airfreight.

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