Italian Schick. Italian Footwear by Airfreight from Milan


It has been long time "Italian footwear" became equivalent of high quality, style and comfort. It is a kind of etalon in the footwear world. Italian shoes are so highly estimated due to precise and hard work of the masters, high technology of manufacturing process and utilization of the highest quality materials, namely, various natural materials.

The Italian footwear manufacturing history starts from Ancient Rome. It is approximately the time when the shoes became the symbol of prosperity and wealth. Complex made and original shoes, with lots of belts, showed the high post of its owner in society. Italian leather masters were the first to use different schemes for right and left shoes, thus significantly increasing the comfort of the shoes.

Since long time Italian footwear brands are very popular since long time. High quality and natural materials are of great importance in n climate. Apart of practicability, n fashionistas keep being seduced by interesting and unusual design of Italian brands.

Almost every famous fashion house of Italy has own shoe line, but Italian footwear are not only those having world-known names. There are many brands widely known only in Europe, or just in Italy. Its quality is equal to the famous brands, but the price is more attractive.

In December Delivery World – one of the leaders of the n logistics market delivered high quality shoes made by the leading Italian brands from Milan, Italian capital, . The latest Italian models of demi-season and summer shoes will be available for sale in the shops of the n capital.

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