Changing Countries: Delivery World Moves Big Company's Office from Dubai



Moving from country to country to country becomes more popular in last decades, it is considered to be one of tax planning instruments. Advanced means of communication, such as mobile Internet allow to always stay in touch with family and work, and comfortable, regular, and low-cost air flights make movementbetween home country and place of residence easy.

Considerable tax privileges received in new place of residence are the main advantage of immigration for rich people. Often it serves as protection of the family assets and its members; while sometimes provides interesting opportunities for private capital planning, when one or several family members move to another countries. It is believed that Switzerland, UK, Monaco, UAE, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Gibraltar provide the best tax conditions. In case of moving to Gibraltar, Malta and Portugal in case of complying with some conditions one can be relieved from tax payments or pay minimum taxes; it also insures residence permit, and in most cases visa free entry to Schengen states. Relocating to such places like tropical islands, i.e. Bermuda, can also be considered as good opportunity, as they do not levy any taxes for income, luxury, inheritance, and gifts. Similar tax privileges may be provided when moving or opening business in another country.

If moving to this countries will provide you considerable tax privileges, immigration to others is related to considerable tax burden. Such jurisdictions include USA, France and Germany.

The last, yet important factor is that many countries offer great opportunities for structuring family capital before immigration (through trusts or private life insurance) allowing to reduce general tax burden of the family.

Even moving to the nearby street is complicated and unique, needless to say about moving to another country. Volume of goods, conditions of loading and unloading, ways of transportation, delivery time limits, and destinations differ, in addition to many items of electronics, furniture, and etc. contained in each such cargos. All this requires quality packaging, careful loading and unloading, and special preparation for safe carriage. Therefore moving to another country requires stage by stage complex transportation service that includes customs, air, road, sea or container freight, warehousing, and packaging services.

In the end of July Delivery World moved office of one large company from Dubai . Our employees paid careful attention to every detail ensuring safe and timely delivery of everything: starting from stationary to expensive electronics and office furniture.

Our considerable experience allows us to undertake any order for transportation and forwarding of any complex cargos. We appreciate and thank our customers for trust.

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