Sewing Well: Garments from Indonesia by Airfreight


In the recent years South-East Asia became the global textile industry center. The experts state, that "Made in China" logo will soon be replaced by the other Asian producers, having cheaper workforce. Textile industry is loses its strategic importance for China as well. Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, and others step ahead.

Indonesia is among the 10 of the largest exporters of textiles in the world. The volumes of textile export and garments from this country reach US Dollar 9 billion and keep rapidly growing. No doubt the advantage of this country is low raw cotton prices in the region. Also Indonesia is the largest supplier of synthetic fabrics and items from it, and high quality cotton tshirts.

Without any exaggeration, Indonesian textile factories dress half of the Europe: most of local enterprises works jointly with the largest world clothing brands, so, that the produced goods meet world's standards of fashion and quality.

It is no surprise, that Indonesian capital, Jakarta, is one of the largest Asian shopping centers. Indonesian fabrics, especially local batik (sometimes people just come to the country for it) are of special interest of the tourists. The only goods sold on the whole floor of the largest city's market Pasar Beringaro is the Indonesian batik.

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