Spare Parts for Soft Ice Cream Production from Seoul



Ice cream is the type of desert that is loved all over the world. Statistics says that every n national consumes up to10 kg of ice cream a year, American – up to 15 kg, and 5 to7 kg in Europe. Soft ice cream is loved in the West, Japan and in the USA, and becomes more and more and more popular in .

Ice cream has many useful properties. Even Hippocrates recommended consuming frozen cream that (in his opinion) had positive effect on health. It turned out he was right. Ice cream stimulates serotonin production, which is known as stress protector raising one's mood. Studies showed that ice cream lovers feel themselves happier. Else ice cream can be used to stop nose bleeding so common in summer heat.

For those who have not tried soft ice cream yet: it is a desert made of special dry mixture dissolved in water or milk and whisked in a special machine, called freezer.

Ice cream from freezer does not undergo strong frosting, and that is what makes it so soft and tasty. Freezer whisks ice cream making it really light. Ready ice cream is placed in crispy wafer and topped with jam or chocolate. Freezer is made for closed ice cream sale cycles, has long service life, and can be bought or rented.

The latest studies showed that the soft ice cream producing equipment is about to be overfilled. Equipment trading companies selling soft ice cream freezers can be found almost everywhere. 5-6 years ago the freezer could be bought only in Riga, but now it can be purchased not only from big cities like Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, but in regional centers (Barnaul, Penza, Kurgan, and Orenburg).

The leaders in freezers production are China, South Korea, USA, and Italy. In the end of May Delivery World shipped spare parts for soft ice cream equipment production required for smooth production of everyone's favorite desert.

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