IT Guru: IBM Processors and Computer Components from New York



In the end of March Delivery World performed another request for computer spare parts delivery. This time we have shipped IBM processors and components, and that is what we will tell about today.

IBM has left great imprint in computer history, and even today capacities of the companies remain high. Everybody knowsabout IBM PC, the laptops it made, and that there was a time when it competed with Apple. But the achievements of the "blue giant" include great many of scientific discoveries, and introduction of various inventions to our daily life. People wonder where one or another technology comes from, and the answer is "from IBM". Five Noble Prize nominees in physics has received their awards for inventions made in this company's premises.

We have be grateful to IBM for our modern memory as well. It was IBM to invent dynamic memory production technology in 1966 (the technology utilizing just one transistor for one bite of data). This invention allowed to considerably increase density of recorded data. Probably this invention helped the company's engineers to get the idea of cache memory, that first came to life in 1968 in mainframe System/360 Model 85, and was able to record up to 16 thousand symbols.

IBM has also greatly contributed in development of PowerPC processors. The processor is the main computer component enabling it to process information contained both in its internal memory, and in the memory of the other devices. In addition it controls work of other devices. Various applications work based on performance of specific sequence of commands and data allocated in so-called registries of processor. Capacity, and following speed of computer are defined by the speed of comparing data to specific commands for its processing. Main parameters differentiating types of processors are frequency, precision, and internal cache memory volume.

Even though processor architecture was developed jointly by IBM, Apple, and Motorola, it was based on IBM 801 processor which was planned to be installed on the first personal computers in the beginning of 1980s. Sun and Microsoft were the first to support the company's architecture. But many developers did not try to make any programs for it. As result for almost 15 years only Apple was using it. In 2006 Apple refused from using PowerPC for x86, and from Intel processors. Motorola left the alliance in 2004, but IBM did not wind up its developments, but changed directions.

Currently the company undertakes researches in various spheres. It has hundreds of active projects, including Nano-technologies, holographic data carriers, speech detection, communication with computer using a thought, new ways of computer controlling, and many others. IBM remains the largestmanufacturer and supplier of hard, software, IT, and consulting services.

For years long Delivery World is known as professional carrier of computer equipment and parts all over the world. This time we delivered the freight from new York . Delivery World keeps an eye on the latest developments in technologies world, and never misses a chance to attend international information technologies shows, thus it is always perfectly aware of importance and specifics of the carried goods.

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