Delivery World joined the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement


Moscow - Geneva , June 01, 2013. Delivery World became the first n freight forwarder, who applied the new resolution of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and joined to the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement.


Desmond Vertannes
, IATA Global Head of Cargo, commented:

"I congratulate Delivery World on becoming the first n Forwarder to sign the multilateral e-AWB agreement, which is the most important new cargo standard developed in the last two decades. E-AWB shipments offer greater efficiency and reliability, and Delivery World now have instant access and visibility to a growing network of international airlines who are increasingly adopting the e-AWB".

The new standard e-Freight, which operates under the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement, was designed to transfer the cooperation of all parties involved in the process of air cargo transportation to the electronic environment. The electronic document is issued by logistics operator (freight forwarder), and exists from the beginning to the end of the transportation process.

As DW’s management said, “According to preliminary calculations of IATA, the processing time will be reduced from 38% to 50%, and the cost of paperwork will be reduced to 40%. This will greatly facilitate our interaction with the GSA and the airlines and will have the most direct beneficial effect in the field of price, quality and speed of air freight forwarding for the end customer. That is why our company joins the e-AWB Agreement”.

Now, more than 25 airlines has joined the agreement, among them are the biggest international airlines such as Air France, British Airways, Emirates Airline, Finnair, Lufthansa Cargo AG , and others, as well as more than 85 logistics companies from 20 countries have also joined the E-AWB Multilateral Agreement.
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