From the Alps to Ufa: delivery by air of the electrohydraulics from Italy to Bashkortostan


Hydraulics%20copy.jpgWhile the scientists and engineers are debating what is better – electrics or hydraulics, the market makes its own decision and chooses electrohydraulics. This technology is combining the advantages of the both above mentioned and finding the way into different areas of humans’ life and activity. We tell about it quite steadily after studying the internal statistics: our customer – the supplier of electrohydraulic drives, controllers and components from Italy, - has shipped with our assistance the record number of lots of these products within several last months. The reason of growing volume of shipments is the high demand for these durable and powerful components with a wide range of use: from SPA exercisers to industrial equipment and tools.
Within several months, Delivery World has transported successfully by aircrafts the big shipments of electrohydraulic drives from the foothills of the Alps, where is located the manufacture, to the capital of Republic Bashkortostan – Ufa. According to the information, received from the customer, the expenditures for transporting heavy and volume cargo by air are fully covering by the speed of delivery and fast implementation of the components for industrial usage. Delivery to Ufa was within a certain deadline, the cargoes arrived from Italy on time and safely.
Delivery World provides the service of airfreight forwarding of industrial cargoes on a regular basis. You can learn more about it here. We have already informed you about delivery of industrial equipment for food industry from the USA , of abrasion testers from Denmark and of industrial sterilizer from China etc.
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