Back to Future. Delivering 150 Tonnes of HoverBoards from Dubai to Brussels and Amsterdam


For the first time HoverBoards were presented by Rober Zemeckis in his trilogy Back to Future – 2. Just like today at the time flying scooter seemed fantastic development. Nothing has changed in reality! The trick device known is "flying board" does not fly at all.

HooverBoard is a modern electric type of transportation. It is based on well-known Segway, but HoverBoard is smaller in size, and one does not require one to hold a stick as it is absent.It has unique design, is equipped with one wheel to move on the surface, and it seems being able to give a feeling of flying in the air, while moving on the ground.

Indeed, HoverBoard looks like future is already here. Blue lightening finishing combined with off-white and black plastics, lamps on the front and on the back, and wide platform make it even cooler then hoverboard of Marty. Its battery is enough to cross 15 km with the speed of 15km/h. The battery needs 1-2 hours to get charged, and the whole device weights only 10 kg (which is incredibly good result for this kind of scooters). HoverBoard is easy to ride, and can be used even in crowdie places. It perfectly suits both for adults and for the kids, as learning to ride will not require any special skills. It is equipped with board lights and speakers, has sound locator allowing it to find firm ground, and keeping it in parallel to changing surface. Device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, allowing it to connect to the phone and play one's favorite music.

Many people call HoverBoard a revolution in electric personal human transportation devices.

This month Delivery World performed request of the customer, and delivered large lot of HoverBoards with the weight amounting to 150 tons from Dubai to Amsterdam and Brussels. As usual airfreight was delivered safely and just in time, and we will keep waiting for developers to create fantastic hoverboard of Marty McFly


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