Valuable cargo of high density: express delivery of expensive furniture for the five-star hotel


One can think that air freight forwarding is first of all transportation by aircraft of small by size, important, valuable and low density cargo, for example, of the express post, and all high density cargo is transporting by road or sea freight. But this is not true. At first, there are several modifications of aircrafts such as Mria or Ruslan which are designed specially for transporting high density cargo to the long distance. At second,  the passenger aircrafts are also used on a regular basis for transporting cargo much heavier than the parcel. Mainly, we divide if it is possible the high density cargo into several lots and transport it by several flights. But in both cases air freight forwarding is the fastest way of cargo delivery, so the expenditure evens itself by the speed of cargo transporting.


In the beginning of December’11, the representative of five-star hotel of Southern requested the delivery of furniture from Europe. The customer needed an express delivery because the opening of the new hotel was scheduled for a week before Christmas. Total weight of the expensive furniture was about several tones, but the customer insisted on emergent delivery, so we found the way to transport the furniture by several flights. We managed this freight forwarding within a week – four times faster than by sea freight. The furniture made of precious wood and by individual order arrived on time and safe.
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