Music on Board: Guitars by Airfreight from Jakkarta


Most people believe the guitar evolved from lute, which was used by troubadours during the renaissance. The lute had four strings which you had to pluck. Though there were fretted and plucked instruments like the lute around much earlier, it’s safe to say that the guitar, in some fashion, was popular by 1500.

The first major development in the guitar was moving from double-strung (and sometimes even triple- strung) instruments to guitars with only one string per note. It took hundreds of years of playing the double- and triple-strung guitars before the single strings caught on.

20th century gave birth to electric, acoustic and rock guitars. Popularity of these instruments makes some believe that guitar is new instrument and ignore its centuries long history.

In the beginning of February Delivery World shipped lot of guitars from Jakarta. Our regular customer is completing customs formalities, and soon the delivered guitars will be available for sale. 

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