Follow Your Heart: Cardio Surgical Equipment by Airfreight from Guangzhou


Oxygenator and patency are important devices for treatment of cardiac failure.

Patency is empty tube designated for medical purposes and used to assist in input (sometimes output) of fluids to human body. In fact this device is modern trauma free modification of needle, just more flexible and delicate. Usually it is made of high quality stainless steel, has rounded and not sharp end, and hole on the side. Such devices are widely used in medicine to supply or to remove various substances.

Membranous oxygen generator (oxygenator) is used during cardiological surgeries for improving blood circulation in the patient's body suffering from heart and lungs diseases leading to significant decrease of oxygen in the blood. Let us discover more about this device.

Oxygenator is used externally to ventilate blood with oxygen. It ventilates venous blood with oxygen, and removes carbon gas, performing lungs functions. The heat-exchange installed in oxygenator allows to adjustblood temperature during heart surgery. Oxygenators are used together with pumps supporting blood circulation in the patient's body during open heart surgery with bypass device.

There are two types of generators: membranous and vesicular. At present membranous generators are usedmore often.

Even though the first bypass device allowing to establish blood circulation for the time sufficient for heart surgery, the lungs function replacement became possible only after development of membranous oxygenators in 1970s.

In the beginning of July Delivery World shipped from Guangzhou membranous oxygenators and patency for cardiological surgeries. We wish success to the doctors and soonest recovery to the patients.


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