The Seeing Deity. GPS Devices by Airfreight


One cannot deny importance of global positioning system (GPS) for various spheres of the modern society's activity. Satellite navigation is widely used in aviation to define exact location of the air vessel; with its help the fishermen can define the exact location of the ship, and exact positioning for the fishing equipment; and map-planners perform topographic shooting on site. It has been long since GPS-navigators and various applications built on GPS base had replaced un-handy maps, atlases and reference books. GPS is a satellite navigation system, ensuring distance, and time measurements, and defining location in the global positioning system. It allows to define location and the object moving speed in any place of the world in almost any weather conditions. The system keeps developing fast: GPS-receivers get smaller, and GPS-chips are installed in mobile phones, watches, automobiles, alarm systems, and etc. With above, the transmitted signal error compiles not more than 10 meters, and may not exceed 1 meter with the most precise devices.

In the beginning of July Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of the lot of the GPS-antennas, and GPS-receivers from Toronto (Canada) . Based on our customer's information, the goods will be mainly used to monitor the cargo transport. The delivered equipment will be installed on heavy vehicles, trucks, to monitor compliance with the set route, speed, and fuel consumption. The delivered GPS-systems will protect the vehicles from possible theft, as well as (if required) will correct the route in case of difficulties in movement (traffic jams, accidents, weather conditions).

For over 10 years Delivery World delivers cargos by international airfreight. During this time we gained our customers' trust, and perfect record on the logistics market, as we keep ensuring reliable, fast and safe airfreight from anywhere in the world. 

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