Oriental Chimes: Porcelain Tableware from Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a country with a limited raw material base. Yet, it has certain topper of raw materials capable of providing backward linkages with the potential to promote foreign investments. Domestic value addition has become an essential factor when exporting products utilizing duty advantages offered under trading arrangements. Procelain sector stands on top in meeting with value addition criteria and move up the value chain with strong backward integration within the country.

Sri Lanka’s porcelain industry boasts a history dating back several centuries. Sri Lankan porcelain products are unique, distinctive and elegant compared to other Asian competitors as it illustrates the influence of ancient craftsmanship. It makes the Sri Lanka a world leader in traditional porcelain products.

One of the major strengths of the Sri Lankan porcelain industry is the availability of raw materials locally such as kaolin, ball clay, feldspar, silica quartz and dolomite. They are available at very reasonable cost and the purity and the quality of these raw materials contribute to the high standard of the products. The other distinct advantage enjoyed by Sri Lanka is the availability of highly skilled and literate work force at reasonable wage rates. They are well trained and exceptionally efficient. Availability of gifted designers, chemists, technologists and engineers contribute to the high standard and internationally recognized products.

Sri Lankan porcelain industry supplies three main porcelain products to the international market. Those are Tableware (both porcelain and stoneware or earthenware), Ornamental ware and Ceramic Tiles.

In the end of June Delivery World shipped large lot of porcelain Table wear from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Urgent cargo was handled with exceptional care and accuracy, and safely and promptly reached its destination, and will be distributed to the dedicated showrooms once our regular customer completes customs processing.

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