Japanese Longevity: Food Supplements by Airfreight from Japan


Over 80% of Americans take vitamins and minerals daily, in Japan this number reaches 93-98% of the population. Unfortunately,thisindexisconsiderablylower in .

First food supplements appeared in the USA in 1930s. Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack took heavy tool on Japan’s population, and by 1960s Japanese started to face multiple health problems, that resulted mostly in birth rate and length of life decrease. Birth rate decreased so much, that by 1961 total population of Japan dropped till 19 mln people. That is when Japanese Government decided to finance dedicated researches, and scientist created state program named “Nation Rescue Program”.

Ежедневно в Америке более 80% населения принимают препараты витаминно-минерального комплекса, в Японии таковых 93 - 98% населения. В России это число намного ниже. It set just three basic tasks before Japanese society:

  • Radionuclide removal from surface, to normalize radiation background;
  • Total health examination of population;
  • Enhancing people’s nutrition by seafood and food supplements introduction.

All this reached extend, that a person applying for a job today fills out application has to answer the question “Which food supplements do you take?”. No answer or no clear answer on this question will result in rejected application. It took only 50 years for Japan to increase length of life to 80 years.

In the beginning of September Delivery World shipped lot of food supplements from Japan , customs proceedings are completed, and who knows maybe this consignment delivered by us will form grounds for n longevity.

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