Tones of Health: Food Supplements from US, Japan and Korea


Widespread and appearance of food supplements are majorly attributable to inability of the human body to independently generate required microelements, or to obtain necessary volumes of them from food.

Today special technologies allow to generate irreplaceable microelements that cannot be received from nutrition and are rare from various natural sources, accumulate them and arrange in form of tablets, capsules, powders, extracts, syrups or other substances, i.e. to produce food supplements.

Food supplements remain subject of broad discussions. Many are for, and same number are against it. In general negative image of food supplements is formed by MLM distributors, telling nearly miraculous recovery stories trying to sell their goods. To secure yourself from at least spending money on nothing, choice of food supplements should be treated with the same degree of responsibility as choice of ordinary medications, where doctor’s advice is a must.

In the middle of January, when recourses accumulated by our bodies in summer start to finish, Delivery World shipped dozens of tons of food supplements from USA, Japan and Korea . Delivery of such goods always requires special treatment, as any fluctuations in humidity or temperature may cause unreversible changes in contents, and following loss of useful properties. Therefore, choice of our regular customer remains unchanged; for years of work Delivery World proved its expertise in arrangement of international air freight of all types of the goods. 

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