The Stylish Cargo: delivery of fashionable cloths


The fall means not only the resumption of business activity after summer season, but also the start of faery shows of Fashion Weeks. However, the second ones are tightly connected with the first one: successful businessmen want to look nice and stylish, that is why the designers from all over the world try to create the most diverse fashion collections to satisfy the most discerning taste and win new customers.


As soon as fashion shows have ended the latest haute couture cloths should be delivered to boutiques and shopping malls. And strange as it may sound, this is what unites fashion industry with the High-Tech & Consumer Electronics: delivery of fashionable cloths should be performed in the shortest terms, otherwise the goods will be out-of-date very fast. That is why the air freight is the only way to deliver the stylish cargo on time.


Within several years, Delivery World cooperates on a regular basis with the customers who need to deliver fashionable cloths from Italy, England, France, USA, China and other countries. From the beginning of September we have managed several air freights of exclusive cloths from London, Milan and Hong Kong. The customers performed customs clearance themselves.


The fall fashion season is open!

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