The dog days of summer are coming - get ready for the fall! Delivery of fashionable garments by air


Fashion%20garments.jpgAir freight forwarding of fashionable garments is a seasonable process . Only the seasons in the fashion industry "run" before the natural seasons. Thus, for example, to provide customers the opportunity to evaluate and purchase in advance the new fashonable items of the summer season, the vendors are beginning to deliver the summer collections in since the end of February till the middle April. The autumn collections are preparing for transportation from the dog days of the summer (since the beginning to the middle of July). Anticipating the peak demand for air freight forwarding of fashionable garmetns in the season, Delivery World is preparing in advance  to serve the flow of fashionable goods, which enables us to deliver the goods quickly, correctly and securely.

During the three weeks of July, our company has successfully delivered dozens of large shipments of clothing from the United States, European countries, as well as from Japan and China and the CIS. Some articles of clothing were delivered in a single copy. The cost of these exclusive items is high enough that moves them into the category of valuable goods with the relevant conditions of carriage like insurance, special packaging, etc. Our logistics specialists were at their best this time, as always. so all the goods have been delivered just in time and securely.

By the way, studying the shipment documentation, we also got to know the newest fashion trends. This autumn, according to the description of transported collections, it will be trendy to wear clothing of bright pure colors like coral, emerald, blue, samba (shade of red), vivacious (fuchsia), etc. But the main point is that the new collections have already been delivered and will soon be presented to the public in fashionable boutiques.

Air freight forwarding of clothes is one of the key specializations Delivery World. More details about this you can find here.
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