Painting the world: Air delivery of works of art from Spain to Saint Petersburg


In the middle of November, our company received an order for delivery of paintings of several modern Spanish artists for private gallery exhibition in Saint Petersburg. The date of event opening was set in the first decade of December so we have strict deadlines, because the cargo had to be not only picked up but processed, packed, prepared for transportation and delivered to consignee in Saint Petersburg fully safe in shortest time.
Delivery World specialists managed with this task successfully and an artistic cargo arrived to the point of destination precisely on time. The exhibition “Caution! NOT A PHOTO” started on the 6th of December as it was planned by organizers. Now, the inhabitants and the guests of the n Capital of Culture can enjoy modern Spanish art.
Among the exhibitors is Jose Antonio Sorolla (1959), hyperrealist, who is known in by the exhibition “Sea, sky, clouds and backs”. His paintings are really similar to photos:
Conversation. Canvas, oil. 2012.
Alexandra Pacula (1977), whose paintings can be taken for the photos with slow shutter speeds:
Ardent Phenomenon. Canvas, oil. 2008.
Pedro Rodriguez Garrido (1971) and his ‘grey cities’: 
Madrid, últimas luces. Wood, oil. 2012
We have informed you earlier about delivery of exhibition cargo for n mission of Maltese Order, for the largest n Film Concern “Mosfilm”, Invader L60 for Geneva Motorshow. On a regular basis we deliver display units and exhibition cargo from all over the world. You may learn more about it here.
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