European Vacations with Comfort: Exclusive Automobiles by Airfreight


The number of requests for international airfreight of the automobiles (both for commercial and personal uses) grows every year as our customers know for sure that Delivery World is reliable forwarder for such cargos. This April in our company was full with international airfreight deliveries of expensive and exclusive automobiles. During the month Delivery World shipped the three super cars from the UAE to Europe to the places where their owners stayed for business and vacations. All of these cargos are incredible equipped, and, without a doubt, cost fortune.

Bentley Mulsanne is the exclusive saloon with the global name, first manufactured in 2010. It was shipped to Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

                  49dbe6101371c281519b3067298470ce.JPG d87268ac6f0a914ece8af870a5af57de.JPG 

                  517d83e4ed3e30af853cc2a01906ddcf.JPG f8ecb886d7c9bfcc9803bbc4d42e1b67.JPG

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, super car with stunning in its technical perfection and gullwing doors, was shipped to Prague, Czech Republic.

                  b6ddd3cb9653316aa0b5565acaaba9cb.JPG 00571950cd3111612337e2359adfb4d6.JPG 

                  39380f6b1ed33a8b0297815f2c409c46.JPG adac2e798b0b0fa1709be3656dd35394.JPG

Bright and unique McLaren 650S representing the powerful super cars, having butterfly-wing doors, and just presented in February 2014, with our assistance was shipped to the world fashion’s capital – Milan (Italy).

                  5036e1d01f1d48161787f5a2b6199d85.JPG 233c3746aa1db7e01e2f3322d0dda832.JPG 

                  bcf8ebbd550020d583e767c91596288b.JPG 1c5dc2b75c6617167e4b028b6729e8a3.JPG

All the automobiles were shipped strictly within the set deadlines and in full safety. The customers already set the deadlines for international airfreight of the cars from Europe back to the UAE.

Delivery World performs international airfreight of exclusive and expensive automobiles on regular basis. We never let our customers down, and every delivery we undertake is always performed with utmost quality, reliably and prompt.

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