Beauty in the Air: Korean Cosmetics by Airfreight


Korea has become one of the leaders in beauty products across the Globe. Industry worth over 13 billion US Dollars in sales deeply penetrated many cultures. Old beauty practices known in the country for many years influenced many skin care and treatment lines and makeup products.

Preserving centuries old secrets, knowledge and experience, Korean beauty care, known as K-Beuaty has transitioned from makeup products to facial cleansers, moisturizers, and full skin care routines. These K-Beauty lines are designed to create a luxurious and complete experience. Usually, these routines consist of 10 steps to achieve a healthy and clean complexion.

In the middle of September Delivery World shipped lot of K-Beauty products from Korea. Sensitive and fragile goods can only be handled by the one having your unconditional trust. That is why Delivery World remains the choice of our regular customer, years of experience and sound expertise in handling any types of shipments combined with utmost attention to every detail serve guarantee that any shipment will always reach its destination in time.

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