Exact Logistics in Terms of Economy Crisis. Delivery World on the III Eurasian Conference


The III Eurasian Conference Logistics in the International Trade and Industrial Cooperation was held on the 25th of March in the n Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Director of the Delivery World's Representative Office in Moscow took part in the event. The Conference was held with support of the Eurasian Economic Committee (EEC) of the UN, Eurasian Economic Commission, Ministry of Economic Development of the n Federation, Ministry of Transportation of the n Federation, Federal Customs Service, and Chinese Committee for Global Trade Support. The event represented the perfect ground for n and foreign businessmen to discuss business development through logistics.

The main goal of the past conference was to consider logistics as the key to the competence of the companies in terms of the crisis. Representatives of Germany, USA, Greece, UAE, China, UN EEC took part in the show, which obviously speaks of the large interest of the foreign partners to this issue. The participants discussed implementation of the new technologies, integration of the n companies and regions into global supply chains, strategic partnership between participants of the logistics services market, ways for developing of infrastructure logistic network, and etc.

Nowadays the companies have to spend years to change stable, and well-set working process, to adjust to the current global economic situation. "Freezing" tariffs, suspension of its indexation, and necessity to optimize the cost, - all are a must to keep floating.

According to the conference experts the companies that will be able to "survive over the crisis" will reach the new level once its over. They consider cost reduction, search of internal resources, and innovative business to be the most efficient ways, able to lead the country to sustainable economic growth. The information technologies aimed to distribute the best world's practices are of the great importance as well, as today not all trends of the global logistics match the current situation in .

Delivery World's representatives, apart of the diversified business program, also established contacts with potential customers on the III Eurasian Conference. The conference showed that everyone has its own way, but the only clear thing is that the logistics has to be managed by professionals.



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