Dedicated to the Diving Lovers: Diving Suits for Underwater Swimming


Diving or in the other words underwater swimming with the special equipment is active pastime, interesting sport, amazing travel, and for some the whole life style. One diving experience is enough for one to understand if this sport is not for him, or to absolutely fall in love with it.

To start underwater diving one has to pass special training and to get respective certificate. Numerous diving schools operating in Nicosia (Cyprus) provide this opportunity without travelling far abroad. They teach correct breathing, diving and getting out of water, underwater swimming techniques, and much more. Purchasing diving equipment is one of the most important issues. Today variety of the costumes and of the equipment can match any requirement, and it is very important to chose the most comfortable diving costume, that will allow to fully enjoy diving experience.

In June we performed international airfreight delivery of diving suites from Stockholm (Sweden) to Nicosia for our regular customer. The cargo consisted of so-called "dry", "semi-dry" and "wet" costumes. They are required to protect the swimmer from cooling water effect, and from the other dangers related to staying under water, i.e. from over cooling, scratches, cuts, stinging jellyfish touches, and etc.

Our customer is the large diving equipment distributor in Norway, and used Delivery World as international freight forwarder several times. This time the large volume of shipment, and its urgency were due to started swimming season, and high demand of diving suites in specialized outlets. The cargo was delivered safely and in time.

International airfreight is the only specialization of Delivery World. Nowadays when logistics services are offered by many it is very important not to get lost in price offers, and to select reliable and trusted freight forwarder; Delivery World is justly considered as one. Our solid experience in international airfreight cargo delivery allows us to foresee all possible difficulties in work, and to provide our customer with constantly high quality service. 

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