Their Job is Hard and Dangerous. Delivering Diving Equipment by Airfreight from Canada


The diver is very responsible, very dangerous and rare profession, the most divers are men, and women are rare exception. There are total three diver's specializations. The first one are the divers engaged in construction and industrial manufactures, the second are engaged in scientific works, and the third are the divers holding rescue operations, and offering the first pre medical help.

In their work the divers use special equipment, which enables them to breath normally under water, prevents contact of water with body, and excludes harm cause to health. Working in not deep water up to 60 meters the divers use condensed air and get out of the water without assistance. Working on depth, the divers use special gas mixtures, and special diving-bell, and decompression camera on board of the ship. Strict observation of the safety rules is of utmost importance in this profession; getting out too fast may lead not just to disability, but even to death. When under water, the divers communicate with each other using special gestures, and their work is accompanied by specialists on-shore.

The divers get prepared and trained for their not easy job in special schools. In the beginning of December Delivery World received request from its customer for international airfreight of diving equipment, which will be later used to train divers in one of such schools. The cargo following all necessary requirements was successfully delivered from Vancouver (Canada) . Very soon the future and existing deep diving professionals will be able to gain and master the necessary skills using the high quality diving equipment, delivered by our company.

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