Portable Amplifiers Help to Reveal DNA Secrets. Delivering Laboratory Equipment by Airfreight


Paternity test, medical diagnostics of natal diseases for ordinary person sound as complicated procedures requiring considerable time costs, availability of complex highly technological equipment, and stationary laboratory conditions. That's the way it was till recent time. Yet portable devices allowing performing sophisticated laboratory tests almost anywhere are now available in . For example, this makes the work of forensic experts much easier, and allows them to make required analysis of received probes and samples promptly and on site.

Amplifier is one of the irreplaceable devices used in biological and medical practices for performing polymeric chain reaction (PCR) in diagnostics of infection and inherited diseases, gen cloning, paternity test, and etc. Amplifier is the device ensuring periodical cooling and heating of probes, with common precision not less 0.1°C and required for holding polymeric chain reaction. Modern amplifiers allow setting necessary number of cycles and choosing the best time and temperature parameters for each procedure of the cycle.

The standard stationary amplifiers have rather compact size, and require constant electric power supply. Yet, the new device KS-detect created by American scientists allows performing PCR in any conditions, requiring only sun light, smartphone with installed application, and, without a doubt, DNA sample. Initially the portable device was created to diagnose early stages of cancer in African states with poorly developed infrastructure. Now it is obvious that the new amplifiers will be widely used in other areas worldwide.

In December Delivery World performed delivery of portable amplifiers from Canadian Vancouver . The cargo arrived , the customer arranged for its customs clearance in Moscow. Soon the equipment will be available for sale and will appear in specialized medical institutions.

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