Korean Health: Medicines from Seoul by Air


Modern pharmaceutical industry in Korea has 110 years of history from at the end of the 1800s, when a first modern pharmaceutical company began its operation. With the introduction of product patent system in 1987, Korean pharmaceutical companies initiated full-scale R&D activities as the last breakthrough to cope with the rapidly changing pharmaceutical environment, and spared no efforts to expedite their R&D activities towards the development of new drugs for around 30 years with a firm conviction for being major contributor to the global pharmaceutical innovation for the healthy life of the population.

Korean pharmaceutical industry is trying to approach the smart strategies to avoid the slow-down in productivity, cut-down of innovation value, reinforcement of regulation, lack of real innovation, patent expiration, etc., through making value-based innovation and level-up of innovation meeting the market needs from the population and government.

To accelerate the innovation activities and meet the various kinds of call for innovative therapeutic agents having better therapeutic benefits from patients, the government, health insurance agency and market, Korean R&D-based pharmaceutical companies have been involving in pioneering unmet medical needs areas investing over 65% to their annual net profit with the strong support from the Korean government.

In the end of October Delivery World shipped large lot of Korean medical drugs. Handling pharmaceutical and medical goods requires perfectly established relations with all contractors from handling agents to carriers, and a forwarder that will ensure that all formalities are complied with. Solid expertise of Delivery World, perfectly set processes and years long contracts with carriers serve guarantee that any type of cargos will be shipped to anywhere from everywhere in world safely and in time.

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