Making life more beautiful: air freight forwarding of decoration materials from China


In the middle of June, 2013, a new customer from Saint Petersburg () called to our company: “We have an overall situation! Our client changed the design project at the last moment, so we need urgently to forward several decoration elements from China. We will put and object in the beginning of July. Could you make and express delivery? ” And we could.
Air freight forwarding of decorative materials from Qingdao (China, Shandong province) to Saint Petersburg took three days since the moment of request receiving: we needed to pick up cargoes from several manufactures, consolidate it and pack in our Chinese office and made all necessary documentation. The customer received his shipment and made all customs formality after these three days. The materials made for harmonizing and decorating of the space arrived to Saint Petersburg on time and fully safe.
Air freight forwarding from China is one of the key specialization of our company. We deliver by air various goods from different cities of China within 15 years. Express delivery of furniture, consumables, interior decoration is a very popular and actual service. We have informed you earlier about delivery from Germany to Dubai of statuettes for interior showroom, and express delivery of the furniture of finewood for 5-Star Hotel of the Southern .
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