Long Way of Beauty. Delivering Cosmetics from Shenzhen


Makeup and medical cosmetics were known in Ancient Egypt; Egyptian beauties dyed hair, used powder, shades, blushes, and knew hundreds ways to prepare cream, hair treatments and odors, that could turn adult woman to young girl. Papyruses depict sufferings of Egyptian women: they used black powder for the eyes, and copper sulfate or crushed malachite for forehead. They had to wash face with crushed bricks, sand, volcanic foam and ash (there was no soap in that time).

The first cosmetologists appeared in Ancient Greece. The persons that helped women to remove skin defects using special mixtures was called "cosmet". They prescribed massage, water procedures, crèmes, and helped to cover skin defects with cosmetics.

Cosmetics was of such importance in Rome, that the Senate had to adopt the laws limiting its import from abroad, as cosmetics purchased from Egypt, China, Arabian states effected the country's fortune. Roman women wanted to stay beautiful so much, that they were not even afraid using colors made of poisonous substances contained in firs lipsticks.

First lipstick was used in Mesopotamia and was made of red pigment, bee wax and animal fat. Later lipstick appeared in Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The word pomade comes from Latin pomum which means apple. Indeed, the first lipsticks were made of apples.

Christian church was against any changes of looks, and blamed women using makeup in blasphemy. Church even issued a decree annulling marriages to women that did not show their real looks to men, and covering their defects with cosmetics. Such women were convicted in witch craft.

Nail polish was invented in China in 30 century A.C. Long nails were considered to be the attribute of high class. To show that they are not engaged in manual work, the ladies grew nails up to 25 cm long, and men believed long nails protected from evil.

Powder came into fashion in 17th century; it was applied on face and hair by men and women. Later people started using beauty spots and false eye brows made of mice skin, and put small balls behind the cheeks to make face look round. It was considered totally indecent to come out with natural looks.

In opposite Victorian England considered using makeup unmoral. Ladies bit their lips and pinch their cheeks to look fresh.

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