Air Corn: Corn Seeds from Amsterdam


The history of modern corn begins at the dawn of human agriculture, about 10,000 years ago. Ancient farmers in what is now Mexico took the first steps in domesticating maize when they simply chose which kernels (seeds) to plant. These farmers noticed that not all plants were the same. Some plants may have grown larger than others, or maybe some kernels tasted better or were easier to grind.

The farmers saved kernels from plants with desirable characteristics and planted them for the next season's harvest. This process is known as selective breeding or artificial selection. Maize cobs became larger over time, with more rows of kernels, eventually taking on the form of modern corn. Following discovery of America, corn started to spread across the world, and probably nearly thousands of varieties are cultivated all over the world today.

In the middle of January Delivery World shipped batch of corn seeds from Amsterdam. The sensitive cargo can only be handled by the agent that will assure precise compliance with weather conditions, that’s why again and again Delivery World becomes choice of our regular customer again and again. Expertise of our company in handling all types of cargos with unprecedented attention to even smallest details serves guarantee of timely and safe deliveries from anywhere to everywhere in the world.

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