Get Ready for School, Kids! Delivering Consumer Electronics


Hard to admit, but the summer is about to end; the warm and sunny days get less. The Krakow landscape is changing its color to red and gold. People return from vacations, and start to get ready to working routine, and students – to commencement of the new school year, purchasing all necessary including electronic devices.

In recent years the schools rapidly introduce e-education systems. Extensively developed interactive educational systems, electronic educational resources, and of course digital devices are widely used. Should be said that these novelties are of great help not only for the students, but for their parents as well. For instance, the parents can see homework assignments, marks, and attendance in "Digital Record Book". Interactive learning materials diary allows to read literature recommended by school program using digital gadgets such as tablets, e-readers, and it also allows to save other useful materials. Application of such educational system, comfort marked by most of Krakow schools requires availability of digital devices both with schools and with students and their parents.

In August Delivery World shipped considerable lot of new computer, laptops, tablets, e-readers and projectors by international airfreight from Tokyo (Japan), Beijing (China) and Hong Kong to Krakow. The volume of deliveries is related to commencement of the academic year, and, therefore, increased demand for these goods. The customers were the large consumer electronics distributors in Poland.

Consumer electronics airfreight is one of the key specializations of Delivery World. Over 10 years we work with the largest countries' suppliers and distributors, delivering the necessary goods for them by international airfreight.

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