Real Big International Airfreight. Delivering Consolidated Cargo from Dubai to Riga


Delivery World is the leading logistics company specializing in the international cargo airfreight. Each month our professionals process many customer requests and perform international airfreight deliveries complying to all set requirements wherever and whenever required. We have handy and well set system of work with the clients; we provide each of our customers with complex and individual approach. Delivery World undertakes all concerns related to international cargo airfreight, and both our customer's database and volume of airfreight grow from year to year.

This May Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of one of the largest consolidated cargos ever delivered by our company. 27 tons cargo was shipped from the Middle East to the Eastern Europe.

Before shipment, the cargo was consolidated in our warehouse in Dubai. The consolidated cargos included consumer electronics and optics, apparel and cosmetics, furnishing materials, and auto spare parts.

The photos display the consolidated cargo delivery to the customs terminal of Dubai Airport.

                    b5f3031657b7ddbc93c01e458551984d.jpg 99f4e93eac77638e974d4e331f08776f.jpg

The cargo arrived to Riga International Airport safely and in time.

Delivery World performs international cargo (including consolidated cargos) from anywhere in the world and CIS.

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