A Look from Inside: Colonoscopy Device from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg () by Airfreight



It is not the first time for us to tell about complex cargos such as medical equipment shipped by Delivery World. This time those were colonoscopy devices. Colonoscopy is medical endoscopy diagnostics method used by the medicals for examination of colon condition with endoscope.

Colonoscopy device is endoscopy apparatus with narrow pipe equipped with the light and camera on its end, and specifically constructed for colon examination. The end of the colonoscopy device is flexible, and is controlled by a doctor through leverage and haul system located inside the device.

Colonoscopy is important methodfor diagnostics of colon sicknesses, and colonoscopy device is the only technically perfect device for such diagnostics, developed specifically to ensure maximum patient's comfort during the examination. Once the pipe gets inside the colon, the colored images showing the colon walls condition are displayed on the monitor. The device can be used for photography, biopsy, and removal of various pathological novelties for the whole colon.

Today colonoscopy is used if the doctor suspects any kind of colon sickness. Colonoscopy is considered the "gold" standard for colon condition examination. Any other types of examination provide only related information, further clarified by colonoscopy. In emergency cases (colon bleeding, obstruction, or presence ofdebrides) it is made for curing purposes; to stop bleeding or to remove debride.

Over 600 thousand of new cases of colon cancer are revealed all over the world every year. Colon cancer rate in compiles 50 thousand new cases a year. Poor or late diagnostics of this disease leads to high rate lethality at about 40% in a year from being diagnosed with colon cancer. Timely colonoscopy allows to prevent fast development of this disease.

In the beginning of June Delivery World shipped colonoscopy equipment by airfreight from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg (), and we hope thatsoon the sad statistics of this disease in will decrease.

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