Detailed Knowledge: Delivering Sepragen Chromatography Equipment from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg ()



Chromatography is the way to study materials or parts mixtures based on difference in the speed of its movement in the system of non-admixingand moving spheres. It turns out, that none of the substances is not that clear as it seems, and none of the mixtures is as simple as it seems, till its detailed examination with chromatography methods. New components and additions found in the mixtures with chromatography methods may turn valuable scientific discovery, or at least prevent erroneous solutions and conclusions. Also this type of examination is of great importancein chemical and biotechnical manufacture due to constantly growing demand for pureness of production using quantity criteria in quality assessment.Therefore detailed study for content of separate components defining condition of biological system or chemical products is often required, apart of integral properties of separate components definition.

These tasks usually cannot be solved without applying effective methods for complex mixtures separation. Chromatography is based on rather universal principles, that make itapplicable to study objects of different nature; - from oil and environmental gases to proteins, nucleic acids, and even viruses. No doubt various scientists and technicians express great interests in chromatography.

Sepragen specializes in developing novelty devices of liquid chromatography for separation and purification of biological moleculs from development to industrial production of biological essences. Sepragen devices are reliable, highly productive, and have relatively compact measurements. Easy handling interactive graphic user interface of QuantaSep®provides the system effectiveness and power, making it easy to use, and all stages are made by default with the help of Windows NT.

Sepragen is one of the leaders of chromatography supplies in the world. In the end of June Delivery World delivered Sepragen devices from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg (). We can only guess where this equipment will be used, as we know that nowadays it can be found in the chemical labs, the hospitals, and even in the space ships cabins.

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