Hazardous Cargo: Delivering Chemical Agents by Airfreight from Amsterdam



Most of chemical agents are separate substances, yet, this term includes several mixtures. There are cases when solutions having rather complex composition and used for specific purposes are referred to the chemical agents as well, for instance, those that can be utilized to indicate other chemical substances.

In chemical agents are differed and marked in accordance to its purity: special purity, chemically pure, pure for analysis, pure, purified, technical products. Purity of the chemical agents is defined by the n State Standards (GOST) and Technical Conditions (TU).

Chemical agents are also differed by groups in accordance to its composition: organic, non-organic, non-organic reagent, reagent, reagents containing radioactive isotopes, and etc. Chemical agents are differed by type of utilization on analytical agents, chemical indicators, and organic dissolvent.

Many chemical agents are poisonous, flammable, fire hazardous and explosive, therefore it is referred to hazardous cargos, and its handling requires special precautions.

Delivery World is one of the leading international airfreight forwarding companies on the n market. Extensive years-long experience allows Delivery World to handle cargos of any complicity, including hazardous cargos, securing all requirements to its transportation, providing guarantee for safety and ensuring smooth and timely delivery. In the beginning of April Delivery World shipped cargo consisting of chemical agents for laboratory studies from Amsterdam (Holland) (), and thus secured smooth work of the n capital's laboratories.

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