Delivery World’s delegation visited CES 2013


Representatives of the Delivery World company visited CES-2013 which took place in Las Vegas (the USA), on January, 8-10, 2013. According to the information of organizers and regular participants, this year, Consumer Electronic Show became the largest for all 45 years of its existing both by territory (about 175 sq. meters of exposition area) and by the quantity of demonstrated novelties – over 20.000.

While the most of visitors has been examining with the great interest the gadgets and serial models handsets and tablet PCs etc., our delegation negotiated with regular and potential customers – the distributors of Consumer Electronics and Hi-Tec goods. We must remind that air freight forwarding of electronic gadgets and hardware is the main specialization of our company. We delivery PCs and hardware, digital photo and video cameras, handsets, communicators, GPS-navigators, tablet PCs, memory cards, hands free headsets etc. Delivery World has been shipping by aircrafts the goods of “time-critical freight” category for more than 10 years.

All appointed meetings were productive. In the nearest future we plan several shipments of Hi-Tec goods. We know how to deliver this kind of goods fast, correctly and safely!

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