Unreal Technologies. Delivery World on the Electronics Exhibition "International CES-2016"


6 to 9 January Las Vegas the world center of entertainment hosted the largest international electronics exhibition "International CES 2016". The event is of exceptional importance in the world of technology, that every year presents the latest and life changing developments and technologies. It is the place where the videotape recorders, CDs, DVD-players, Blu-ray technologies and even the first Xbox have been presented to the public.

The importance of the event can be proved by large number of participating global brands, and constant high number of visitors. International CES-2016 covered over 200,000 sq.m occupied by 3,600 participants. The main sections included audio and video electronics, computer equipment and software, entertainment and computer games, wireless devices, developing technologies, and multi-media systems based on Internet.

This year the participants of the show presented the guests the way they see our nearest future: electrical automobiles that make accidents nearly impossible, regardless whether it is driven by human or by computer, UAVs that can carry people, cameras and sensors installed in clothes, shoes, and common household goods that makes the microwave or refrigerator door open when a man is approaching. Yet, virtual reality technologies became the 2016 hit. The largest companies of the industry presented their newest virtual reality helmets allowing getting inside the virtual world and creating visual and acoustic presence effect in the specific environment.

Representatives of Delivery World were among the guests of the exhibition, and had a chance to get inside the world of tomorrow. We could try virtual world of PlayStation VR that seemed absolutely real. Our experts flew on the drone and tested the latest laptops equipped with organic diodes (OLED).

International CES is the dynamic business ground where Delivery World presented its wide range of airfreight services to the exhibition participants. In result our experts entered into several contracts for airfreight of electronics and CIS, and the first smartphones from China and HDR TVsets from Malaysia will be delivered shortly.

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